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Golf Is A Two-Handed Game

World-renowned golf instructor Bob Toski has often been quoted as saying, “Golf is a two-handed game.”  What he was referring to is the fact both the left and right hand have a very important role to play during the golf swing, whether you are swinging right- or left-handed.


The left hand cannot dominate the swing anymore than the right; they must be balanced and work together in harmony. To help give you this feeling of balance, Mr. Toski suggested you first tee up a few balls. Now, grip a 7- or 8-iron in your right hand only, and place your left hand either in your pocket or behind your back. Using only your right hand, swing the club with the intent of striking the balls you have placed on the tees. Repeat this process using only your left hand. Do not expect too much in the beginning, but keep working with it, and it will increase your awareness factor as to how both hands do indeed work together.


By Bob Wyatt, USGTF National Coordinator

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