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Advantage of Golf Lessons

Advantage of Golf Lessons

Advantage of Golf Lessonsby: James Douris

At many golf tournaments at which I am present, I can’t help but notice the number of players who have the exact same swing for most situations on the course. It simply doesn’t work, in my view.

How often do you hear somebody say after a round say, “I hit my irons great today but my woods were terrible?” Or, “My driver was great today but I struggled with my irons?”

I have found that you need two slightly different swings to play golf well today, whether it is a slight change in the stance and ball position or some other minor adjustment. We need to be able to hit down on the irons and slightly up on the driver.

This can only be figured out through experimentation, as every individual is different. For a good player who is struggling with the longer clubs, it may be as simple as drawing the right foot back into a slightly closed position, enabling the club to travel into the ball on a shallower, flatter plane. For the irons, a squarer to slightly more open stance may be more effective to enable a slightly steeper angle of attack. This was one of Ben Hogan’s keys, and also Sam Snead’s.

Hogan and many other great players favored more weight on their left side while playing the irons and more weight shift behind the ball with the woods. It is up to the golfer and his coach to find the correct variations in swing patterns and setups to enable the golfer to be firing on all cylinders at once. We have to be smart about this and get precise with our setups and slight variations. One swing and stance for all clubs rarely ever sees the golfer achieve a consistent, desirable shot pattern for all clubs. Paying attention to these details can mean the difference between the golfer achieving his/her full potential.

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