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Concentration and Golf Fundamentals

Golf Fundamentals

Golf Fundamentals

So much has been said about golf fundamentals on swing technique in the past years, that the enormous mountain of information, I believe, winds up actually causing more harm than good. Golfers around the world are left with a feeling that this or that golf swing technique will magically bring the results that they are looking for, and depending on who is in the winner’s circle the most any given year; that players’ swing coach gets to preach the “gospel” for that season…causing believers to abandon last year’s “sermons.”  Basic fundamentals applied with the concentration of a neurosurgeon …are what brings success to a golfer.

Jack Nicklaus Focused on Golf Fundamentals

Seeing Nicklaus prepare for each season, while in his prime, he had his caddie hold his head while he hit the first shots of his seasonal warm-up. By starting the year off correctly, and eliminating any disruptive head motion, Jack Nicklaus had no need to abandon his tried and proven golf fundamentals. He knew that they had worked in the past, and by concentrating on his most basic fundamental, he insured that his new season would be off to a good start. Such attention to this very important detail started the whole cycle of intense concentration that Nicklaus was famous for. He did not start by just banging balls, and hope for the best. He applied time honored golf fundamentals, that had worked for him each year, and would revisit all of them each season… insuring that “his” swing was good to go for the coming year.


Diligence With Your Golf Fundamentals

By starting each golf season with a purpose, and practicing your own golf fundamentals, with diligence and full concentration, you do not need to abandon your swing each year in favor of a “new” concept. If it worked well in the past, then it should again. Know yourgolf fundamentals, and then apply them with diligence and full concentration. By focusing on the golf fundamentals in this way you make your swing an old friend that you can trust in the tough situations!

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