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By Mark Harman, USGTF National Course Director

It seems all anyone cares about anymore when it comes to playing the game of golf is distance, distance…and more distance.  You would think that if you don’t hit the ball 300 yards, you would have no chance of scoring well on the course.

This is simply not true.  A study conducted from statistics kept on an amateur tour in Florida concluded that, in relation to scoring success, the most important stats, in order, were:

1.  Greens in regulation

2.  Driving accuracy

3.  Putts per green in regulation

4.  Scrambling

5.  Putts per round

6.  Driving distance

Yes, you read that right:  Driving distance was the least important factor when it came to posting good scores.  Striking the ball well, followed by putting and short game, trumped driving distance.

You would do well to work on the precision parts of your game, particularly ballstriking, and then putting and short game.  These are areas where anyone could improve.  And, the good news is that the better your swing becomes, you will naturally pick up some clubhead speed along the way.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to have shorter approach shots, but then again, as we’ve learned…

Distance is overrated.

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