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Downswing Tips

If a group of accomplished golfers were asked the question…”what starts the downswing?”  You would probably hear as many answers as there are people. The one unifying concept would be that it starts in “one piece.”

The down swing is a symphony of coordinated motions that lead the golf club into the ball hitting area. It is a or should be a well coordinated effort of hands, arms, shoulders , hips and legs that ultimately lead the clubhead into the ball along the target line and at the proper level of the golf ball. If the set up was good, and the club went to a correct position on the backswing, the downswing should be a result of the previous actions, and require no manipulation by the player to accomplish successful impact with the golf ball. Impact is the final action in a chain of actions beginning with the golfers’ set-up. The golf swing should and can be a continuous flow of actions and reactions…coiling and uncoiling, leading into impact and beyond. We store energy on the backswing and release it on the downswing! So the answer to what starts the downswing…is for you to decide. Just keep it in one piece!

A well connected feeling with the golf club helps us to strike the golf ball solidly and accurately. We must deliver this “connected package” from the top of the backswing smoothly into the golf ball for the best and most consistent results.

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