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Rigid Head Position Elimination

Rigid Head Position Elimination

We all have heard that a full shoulder turn is a key to a solid and powerful golf swing. But when witnessing most players, we see a small shoulder turn and a rigid head position that restricts the production of power. This restricted rigid head position backswings cause the hands and arms to be used instead, in an attempt to produce the missing ingredient of power production. Quite often the culprit sits atop our shoulders. A rigid head position can be the culprit.

What is a Rigid Head Position

A steady head does not mean a rigid head position! Most players intent on hitting a ball really hard…lock their eyes and heads intently upon the ball, restricting not only shoulder turn, but creating a great deal of  unwanted tension between the neck and shoulders. This situation usually causes a jerky and frantic start to the downswing, unnecessarily calling the hands and arms to action, virtually eliminating any chance at making a repetitive truly powerful swing. Whether your head moves back before the backswing… or moves with the backswing…or starts up and back out of the way…the head must not resist or restrict the full turning of the shoulders.

Rigid Head Position Gets in The Way

Some youngsters with slender necks and very limber bodies can hold the head absolutely steady and still make a full unrestricted shoulder turn. In some cases stretching or yoga can help to assit in a more flexible upper torso. This is not the case for most of us…so we must learn how to get our head position out of the way, to make room for a full shoulder turn!

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