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Golf Grip Changes Golf Lesson

Golf Grip Changes

Golf Grip Changes Golf Lesson

It is very easy to let small golf grip changes creep into the way we set our hands upon the golf club. Striking the ball consistently day after day requires constant vigilance of this most important fundamental…assuming of course, that we have a sound grip to start with. At first, these changes go unnoticed and seem to not cause any problems or have any negative effects upon our swings. Sooner or later however, we reach a point where the effects of the grip changes begin to influence other mechanics of our swings. At this point, something just doesn’t “feel right”, and we become preoccupied with this strange feeling, usually causing our performance to suffer.

Golf Grip Small Changes

The manner, in which we use a golf grip on the club, is the starting place of a complex series and chain of coordinated events that we call a “golf swing.” Small changes affect the way wrists, elbows and arms interact. Such changes affect the manner in which various joints bend and fold; which in turn requires different muscles to be called into play. Anyone who has ever played billiards or the game of pool can easily understand this golf grip process. Only slight changes to the spot where the cue ball hits the object ball causes the object ball to be sent on a different path. Our golf grip is similar to that “spot” on the object ball. And if the object ball needs to strike another ball to complete a shot, the effect of this “small” change becomes magnified even more!

Have An Eye For Details On Golf Grip

Detecting these small changes that creep into a players grip and swing is the job of a competent golf teaching pro, with a keen eye for details. Reason enough most accomplished players seek swing gurus that know their swings. So periodically review your golf grip and other fundamentals with your USGTF Teaching Pro keeping your swing on tract.

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