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Golf Lesson Series… Developing an Instinct

Golf Lesson

How is Your Golf Lesson Judgment

Most non professional golfers do not have the luxury of playing or having a golf lesson with a caddie when they play. So usually all golfing decisions are made by the player himself. If you are the kind of player who pursues golf lessons regularly, then things such as yardages and club selection start to become second nature to you and , if you play regularly, you should develop your sense of judgment concerning these tasks within a reasonable time on course.

Developing a Golf Lesson Instinct

When you develop as a player, and take more of a solo golf lesson, soon you will encounter situations where the on course choices are not simply black or white. Great players develop a sense of instinct, almost automatically sensing terrain, wind and course conditions that whisper to a player the shot making requirements at hand. This inner voice is slow to develop and requires that a player be attuned to not only himself, but the entire golfing experience.

Golf Lesson Experience

Immersing oneself in the sensory experience of golfing, allows a player to not only play better, but to more enjoy the privilege of spending a day on the links! Countless times, while at a golf lesson, you will need to rely on listening to that little voice inside… that is, more times than not, giving you the correct information.

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