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Triggering the Downswing Golf Lesson

Golf Downswing

Triggering the Downswing Golf Lesson

In this golf lesson post we are going to go over triggering the downswing. If we examine the swings of most fine players, we almost always witness the lower body moving into the downswing before the upper. Most fine players say that this is a reaction to a great set-up and backswing. With less skilled players the move of the lower body must be initiated deliberately, and quite often the upper body wins the race and we witness the famed “over the top” move. This move is the most common and prevalent move of less skilled players, almost always producing a slice, or at worst a pull slice…“Banana ball.”

Golf Lesson From Ben Hogan

The late legend “Ben Hogan,” felt that the secret to a great swing was the loading up of the right (back) leg and inner thigh area during the backswing. The backswing continues until the rear leg can absorb no more coiling. Ideally a full shoulder turn is reached at this moment. This loading and coiling of the rear leg, produces an almost violent spring like reaction… uncoiling the lower body into the downswing, triggering the correct and powerful sequence of upper-lower body motions. Witnessing golf lesson videos or movies of Hogan, this move and sequence is very visible, and is a signature move of Hogan’s’ great golf swing.

Lower Body Position Golf Lesson

A great set up with special attention to the manner in which the lower body is set and positioned is necessary to promote this reactionary sequence to occur. This important golf lesson fundamental should not be left to chance if you want a powerful and consistent golf swing. Consult your USGTF Pro to help you with golf lesson training to achieve this correct sequence of upper and lower body motions.

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