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Golf Lessons in Accuracy

Golf Swing

Golf Lessons in Accuracy

Way back in the early days, when golf just began, very little was taught to students. A good player of the day was usually chosen to give a tip on how to hold the club and would show how the swing looked. A golfing newcomer was left to find his way for learning to strike this little ball. Naturally a variety of styles evolved and the more successful players’ swings were copied by others trying to learn this mysterious game. The swings that evolved had familiar looks but were still very individualistic.

Golf Lessons in Micro Steps

I feel that golf lessons would be a better game if we used the old methods again with a little twist…learning the swing in micro steps. After the grip was taught, a beginner would learn to hit a ball off a tee through a “hula-hoop” placed approx 10 feet away…using a very tiny back and forward swing. After successfully and repeatedly achieving this goal, the hoop would be placed about 20 feet away, and raised an appropriate level above ground. When this goal became easy, again the target would be moved even further and higher. A developing golfer taking golf lessons regularly would never lose sight of the fact that golf is a target game. The targets would become larger and continually be moved farther and higher.

Focus on Accuracy in Golf Lessons

As a student’s complete swing would evolve, they would never lose sight of the “target” as being the Goal of a golf swing. I feel that so many modern players, teachers and golf aficionados have lost sight of this goal. Distance and the “looks” of a golf swing have become the modern focal point of learning. To counter act the lack of focus on accuracy, players have developed amazing short game skills to keep their scores in check. But those short game skills can only be fully realized on courses with perfect greens and impeccable greenside grooming…the cost of which is skyrocketing, limiting access to these facilities to wealthier golfers.

Golf Lessons, The Game of The Past

Due to these increasing maintenance costs the courses available to the large majority of the golfing public will not be as perfect, and one’s ability to make scores from short game wizardry will be reduced. All of this will require a game of the past, accuracy of ball striking, not distance, will come to the forefront of golf lessons again.

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