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Golf Swing Stability Golf Lesson

Great Golf Swing

Golf Swing Stability Golf Lesson

Imagine if you could have the famous Iron Byron golf swing machine as your upper body …never making a bad swing. Surprisingly, most people would still miss as many shots as they do now. A golf swing is as good as the foundation upon which it is built…being the stability of the lower body. The Iron Byron machine hits perfect shots time and time again, but only when its’ base is rock solid.

Rock Solid Golf Swing Foundation

Most players dwell upon the arm golf swing and upper body moves so much, that they sometimes ignore the basis of solid and consistent shot making. There is a complex interaction between the way the spine angle, knee and hip flex interact to create a stable “platform” upon which the upper body can do its’ work. This base must be strong without being rigid. This base must allow motion of a very specific nature to occur, and resist improper motion, and do all of this while achieving the perfect level for striking the golf ball! Having witnessed the legendary Jack Nicklaus practicing while wearing Bermuda shorts, I was amazed at how massive his legs were. These human “tree trunks “provided all the support needed for Jack to persevere and remain solid in the countless pressure situations encountered while producing such a glorious golf record.

Building Your Golf Swing Stability

Your legs may not, or need not be as big as Nicklaus’, but they must exceed the strength requirements needed to keep your swing solid and stable at whatever speed your swing produces. Trial and error will help you to find the stability limits of your golf swing foundation.

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