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By Bob Wyatt, USGTF National Coordinator


No doubt about it, putting is by far the most important and yet least-practiced area of the game of golf. People playing recreational golf have difficulty getting excited about the art of putting, as they are more concerned as to how far they can hit the almighty driver. Competitive players, on the other hand, view putting in a totally different way. They respect its importance and give it the amount of practice time it deserves on a consistent basis.


To put this into perspective, consider the statistics on any of the major pro tours. The top 50 players on any of the tours are only a shot or two apart, and their putting stats across the board represent the difference between number one and number fifty.


Contact your local USGTF professional and set up some instructional time with the main theme of the lesson centered around the putting green. I promise you it will be time well-spent.

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