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Grip for a Great Golf Swing

Much has been said concerning the manner and way we place our hands upon a golf club…with little said concerning the strength requirements of a fine grip. Make no mistake; hand strength is a key issue for faster and more powerful swing speeds.

Keeping the hands golfing strong requires that we exercise them very often. Hitting balls alone will help, but is not a sufficient workout for creating really strong hands. See a trainer for specific ideas on how to keep your hands really strong. But it is almost guaranteed that increasing hand strength will help compress the ball more, leading to higher and longer shots. As our hands get stronger, we quite often are able to grip the club in a more sensitive manner…and still maintain control of the club, giving us more feel, improving timing as well as shot making skills. If your everyday routine does not include working with your hands, you surely must add a hand strength regimen to your workout routine. Don’t neglect this important aspect of your golfing fitness.

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