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Head Position in the Golf Swing

A faulty head position leads to more problems than most golfers are aware of. Since the head is out of the field of view at address, we usually can’t see when this part of our anatomy is not in agreement with the rest of our body alignment.

When the head alignment differs from the rest of the bodies’ alignment, the ensuing golf swing will attempt to satisfy the head position, and not that of the body alignment. This is natures’ way to try and protect the neck area from damage caused by rotary motion of the shoulders that is at odds with the neck (head) spine alignment. The head must be in reasonably accurate alignment with the rest of the spinal column.When it is not, not only will the swing suffer, but a player may incur severe damage at the point where the neck and the rest of the spine meet, grinding away the vertebrae and nerves as well. This important aspect of alignment is best viewed from an area on the back side of a players set up. While viewing the players back, see if the neck follows in line with the rest of the lower spine. At shoulder level, the head should not suddenly veer at an angle to the rest of the spine. This is best seen with a video camera or an  observer.

Take care to insure that your head alignment is not a odds with the rest of your spine, this will ensure a healthy golf swing as well as a healthy body.

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