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By Bob Wyatt, USGTF National Coordinator

Golf is often referred to as a game of controlled emotions. The 
game is also referred to as being non-violent. This being said, 
why do so many play golf as if he or she are at war with the golf 
Most sports psychologists tend to agree on one common mistake 
many recreational players, and at times, even top players make: They 
stress out trying to avoid mistakes, and consequently lose their focus. 
Many of the players competing in the 2014 Cadillac Championship, 
held on the Blue Monster golf course at Doral in Miami, Florida, 
experienced this never-welcome scenario.
To focus physically, one must first learn to relax emotionally. This is 
accomplished over time only if the player makes a conscious effort to 
overcome whatever the issue appears to be. This can prove to be a high 
hurdle for some, while others are able to deal with it. This is what 
separates a player who can perform under pressure from one who tends to 
fold like a chair.
However, there may be a way around some of the emotional and physical 
barriers faced by many players by trying this little trick: To relax 
during the golf swing, pay close attention to free circulation in both 
your left and right arm as you are swinging the golf club back and all 
the way through to your finish. Consider this: Isn't this what baseball 
pitchers do when throwing a pitch? When you are walking or running down 
the street, do you want your arms or legs to cramp up due to lack of 
circulation? I think not!
Remember, dynamic strength is the key ingredient to any good golf swing. 
Next time you go to the range to practice, pay close attention to the 
freedom and range of motion you enjoy when walking to your practice 
area. Now, set up to the ball and swing the club with the same feelings 
you had when walking to the area. In other words, do not tense up in a effort
to feel strong over the ball. This will make the very muscles you 
need to move freely contract, and consequently the dynamic properties 
of your golf swing will be compromised. Let your USGTF certified professional
work with you on these very important areas.

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