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Learning Golf

Learning Golf

The Process of Learning Golf

As we look over time to learn the history of learning golf we can learn some fascinating things. The analysis of the human walking step done by the “Scientific American” magazine” in the 1960s’, had shown that a humans’ walking step was much more complex than originally thought. The series of thigh, shin, ankle and foot motions had to be done in just the right sequence and degree of motion,  for a human to walk upright. This motion needed to be synced with the opposite leg as well. In addition, all of these motions had to be done while balancing the body weight!

 Learning Golf is a Constant Evolution

As complex as the task of learning golf is, millions learn it daily around the world. Motivated by the burning desire to stand and walk. Infants struggle through countless failures … eventually learning so well, that we can run, jump, and accomplish amazing feats of balance. We can ride bicycles, skateboards, or ski down mountains at high speeds… all using this self taught complex motion of walking! Learning wasn’t easy for us. We fell, and fell again. We got back up and kept trying over and over, thousands of times, but sooner or later we got it. We could walk farther and farther, as our legs continually gained in strength. Soon if we were motivated enough, we could do amazing things like learning golf, with these legs; using our own unique and self taught walking step. Unique in that no two people walk exactly the same way…minor differences to be sure, but differences none the less. So is the process of learning golf.

Learning Golf is a Unique Experience

So why do we, as teachers, try to make our students’ learning golf swing the same as our own or some other “model” swing?  This gives us something to consider as teachers. After teaching the golf grip, shouldn’t we let the swing evolve in a similar manner as learning to walk? After all, it wasn’t technique that allowed us to learn to walk…it was the burning desire to succeed and the numerous attempts to do so. It’s the same unique evolution with your students learning golf.

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