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By Bob Wyatt Jr., USGTF National Coordinator


I was introduced to the game of golf at the ripe old age of three. All I knew was I wanted to be with my dad, and if he was going to the golf course or practice range, so was I. I am a left-handed individual when it comes to most of my motor skills, i.e., throwing, eating, writing, etc.


The year was 1952 when my first golf club was placed in my hands. The club was my dad’s old driver cut down to my length, and it was right-handed. At my age, it made no difference which way the club faced, as I had nothing to reference between the so-called left vs. right side of the ball. Today, at age 63, I still play golf right-handed.


Let me give you a prime example regarding the misconception of the need for a left-handed golfer to play from the left side and a right-handed golfer to play from the right side of the ball: The current Open champion Phil Mickelson is a right-handed person playing golf left-handed…and very well, thank you!


The point of this tip is to suggest the best way to go is the way YOU personally feel YOU have the best chance of playing your best golf. The day of one being better than the other is history! Contact your local fully-certified USGTF professional and allow him or her to help with your decision. But remember, the final decision should be your own.


And once again great job, Phil!

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