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On Course Adjustments

On Course Adjustments

Learning to Make On Course Adjustments

Let’s face it some days on the golf course the wheels come off when we least expect it. Having to make on course adjustments can be challenging. Quite often, out of nowhere we are hit with a series of bad luck scenarios, and bad shots. These “negative” cycles are part of golf to be sure and of life in general. The lesson to be learned is to go with the flow…and to not try to fight this cycle. The more you can accept what is happening with a “grain of salt”, and a little humor, the quicker this cycle dissipates and things go back to normal. The very worst thing you can do is to get very angry and start to “lose it”!

Don’t Let On Course Adjustments Throw You

A round of golf has a life of its own, and rarely is it smooth sailing for the entire day on the links. This is the nature of the game… continuously testing our mental fortitude and character. Many potentially great players have fallen to this test, and have had their careers fall well short of their potential. The mental challenge of this wonderful game is perhaps its greatest challenge…demanding maturity and sound judgment, especially in times of  trouble with on course adjustments.


Let On Course Adjustments improve your character

No other sport reveals one’s character like the game of golf. It’s no surprise that many corporate CEO’S wish to play a round of golf, with a candidate for an important position, before making a hiring decision. Keep your cool on the course, and learn to make on course adjustments have patience and acceptance…soon good shots and scores will return! And always remember; be your own best friend, and that you are on a Golf Course… and how bad is that ?

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