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By Bob Wyatt, USGTF National Coordinator


Having trouble playing from a tight lie? Here’s an idea that will help. Take a mid-iron and a fairway wood to the area of the range where you find the least amount of grass, ideally hardpan. Starting with the mid-iron, move the ball back in your stance while keeping your hands in the same position they would be for a normal lie. This will put your hands well ahead of the clubface.


Now, take a normal backswing and firmly strike down into the ball, with the intention of hitting the upper back area of the ball before the clubhead actually strikes the ground. You should feel as though you are punching the clubhead down with firm wrists, and the front hand is always leading the clubhead.  Do this with your mid-iron 10 to 15 times.  Then, use the exact same technique and switch to your fairway wood and repeat the process. This will help you overcome the the tendency many golfers have of trying to get under the ball by using a scooping motion.

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