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Pre Game Golf Warm Up

Golf Warm Up

Golf Warm Up Like a Professional

Some players have the un-canny ability to walk out onto the first tee with little or no golf warm up and perform to the best of their abilities. Most professional players will not chance this type of approach to their games, and consider this pre game period of golf warm up very critical to their ability to perform well. Various levels of stretching routines are the order of the day for most…not only to protect the body from injuries, but to insure a fluid swing motion, not inhibited by stiff muscles.

Golf Warm Up Is Best Left To Your Judgement

You are the owner of your body and as such the best judge of the condition of your musculature on any given day. If you feel loose and limber, than a great deal of time need not be spent on stretching, but rather on feel shots such as chips, putts, and pitches. No need to stand on the tee pounding ball after ball if the swing feels ok.However if you are not hitting the ball well on the range, you must decide if it is because of poor concentration or some technical flaw. Usually backing away from the ball and making some golf warm up practice swings above ground, for FEEL ONLY will restore your striking ability. Double check your basic fundamentals, grip, ball position and alignment. Making some swings with eyes closed can also be a real help. Perhaps relaxation is all you need.

Golf Warm Up When You Don’t Feel Great

Being confident on the “bad” days takes mental strength. You do not have to hit the ball really well to play well. Avoid big mental errors and play conservatively regarding targets and club selections and you can turn bad days into good scores. Only you know how much golf warm up practice you need to keep your swing intact. Know your technique and put the time in to stay sharp…and consult your USGTF teaching pro to get golf warm up help when you need it!

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