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By Bob Wyatt, USGTF National Coordinator


Most recreational golfers believe the speed of the club to be the main and most important ingredient to a powerful, dependable golf shot outcome. This is not hard to understand when you consider that most of the advertising concerning golf clubs tends to be how light the club is. Then, this statement is followed up with how much more clubhead speed the golfer will now generate, translating into longer shots with every club…a recreational golfer’s dream come true!


Now comes the reality! The anxious golfer takes his wonder club to the practice range in hopes of seeing this major improvement which was promised. The golfer takes a mighty pass at the ball, only to see it go 20 to 30 yards, perhaps because it was topped, or hit on the fat side. In both cases, the speed of the club meant nothing positive to the outcome of the shot.


A tour player and low-handicap players will agree across the board as to the importance of having a solid angle of the clubface at impact. Speed then plays a very important role as to the outcome of the shot. Remember it is ALWAYS in that order. ANGLES COME FIRST!

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