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By Mark Harman

One of the things golf teachers will tell their students is they need to go practice what they learned, to be ready for the next lesson prepared to build on the things they were taught.  Unfortunately, every teacher has had the experience of numerous students who do not heed this advice.  The next lesson often features a student who has regressed to his or her previous habits, thereby rendering the previous lesson practically moot.

If a student is willing to invest just two practice sessions a week to what the teacher taught, the next lesson is sure to be a continuation of that progress.  Instead of heading out after work for a quick nine, it would be more beneficial for the student to get a bucket of balls and practice the drills the teacher taught, or to put into practice the suggested changes.

While there are no firm guidelines on how long it takes to change a habit, it is a surety that little or no practice assures no change in motor patterns, which can be notoriously difficult to change.  To our students:  Take the time to practice what you were taught; make the effort to find that time.  Your learning curve will be all the faster if you do.

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