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By Tim Hofsetetter, USGTF Certified Golf Teaching Professional®

You often hear non-golfers ask, how can you hit the ball and then chase the ball, to only hit again? Most of those never experienced golf as a game, nor other attributes that golf offers. Sure, there are times that the golfer would like to lay off or quit the game, but that is more in frustration of how he or she is playing at that time.

Golf has a way to get into your blood, and challenges the most inner feelings for accomplishment. The thought of conquer comes to mind when thinking of this ancient game of stick and ball.  A bad hole or round makes no difference when one executes a great shot or putt, being lucky or not.  Our memories never fail us; we tend to remember the good shot or round. The friendly weekend game keeps excitement, with not knowing the outcome until play’s end and accounted for at the 19th hole.  Don’t forget the 3-5 hours on the course playing 18 holes away from the hustle/bustle of other daily activities. That works best when the phones are left behind. Golf courses still remain some of the most beautiful recreational land masses to enjoy, whether tree-lined, coastal, or desert.

Unlike most other sports, golf is a game you can play against yourself.  You against the course, and if that gets boring, there’s that friendly weekend group discussed earlier, or with other players standing by to play.  What about those business-related golf rounds with clients?  A win-win for both parties.

The golf handicap system allows for fair competition in tournaments or in friendly games.  The new concept of “play it forward” allows for more enjoyable and speedier rounds by shortening the distance of the course.

Golf is so much more than what is perceived by those who don’t play the game. To end with a familiar saying amongst golfers, “A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work.”

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