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The Best Golf Clubs for Your Game

Follow Your Feel When Selecting Golf Clubs

Today in the golfing world, everything is so scientific, even choosing the best golf clubs for your game can become complicated. Launch monitors and swing fittings are the norm today. But this seems a bit like on- line dating…looks good on paper, but does the match really fit? If you play a great deal of golf, then you should be conservative in choosing shafts and driver lofts. What about those tired days? Suddenly that extra stiff shaft and low lofted driver will be hard to handle. Being all pumped up and fresh as a daisy, when going for a club fitting can cause problems, unless you always tend to feel that way.

Choose Golf Clubs That Work Well On Your Average Day

Don’t let your ego get in the way of good judgment. Access your fitness level taking in account your age as well. Remember to consider those days when you are not feeling as strong as normal, or those days when you didn’t get enough sleep. Choose golf clubs that will work for you on those days as well. Use grips that not only feel good, but that will also work in weather conditions you commonly encounter. Putting is ALL ABOUT FEEL,   so assuming your eyes can generate a clear cut “line” from the putter face; choose a golf putter that feels great in your hands and golf clubs that feel the way you like when the ball is struck.

Remember The Golf Courses You Play When Selecting your Golf Clubs


The bottom line of course is how your golf club choices work on a course. This is where it all counts. Unless you are a professional, buying and changing golf clubs often can become very expensive. So wherever possible ask to try the clubs of other players while on course, to get a better idea of what your needs are. Once you have chosen, stick with your choices…and like any good relationship, work through those problem days so your golf clubs become like trusted old friends when you need them!

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