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Golf Schools Testimonials


 “I look forward to being able to attend other golf schools and breaking 80.”

“I recently received golf lessons from one of your golf schools in Ellicott City, MD. Frank Menges was the instructor and was very good. I am a new golfer (1 1/2 years) without a handicap, and have not taken any golf lessons previously. Frank was very knowledgeable and patient. His hands on teaching and explanation of the golf swing made it very simple to understand the fundamentals. He gave very good drills that were easy and could be done inside or outdoors on the range. Since receiving the golf lessons, I have played 3 rounds and have broken 90 each time, thanks to Frank and AFGS! I look forward to being able to attend other golf vacation schools and breaking 80.”  – Eric Tunstall, Medford, NY


“After the two days of golf schools, I already have seen a vast improvement”

“I just returned from receiving golf lessons with my wife and another couple. We went out to Arrowhead Golf Club in Littleton, Colorado. Our instructor was Jeanene Bettner. I just wanted to let you know that she is an excellent instructor. I would recommend her to anyone. I was really struggling before I came out to the golf school, and I was almost ready to quit golf. What I really liked were the drills that she showed me and how I could use them to help correct the problems. After the two days of golf vacation lessons, I already have seen a vast improvement. She has given me a renewed enthusiasm in golf. I may come back every year to continually improve my game. It was a great value also. Please tell Jeanene what a great job she did and we had a great time with her!” – James DeTour, Hastings, NE


“I am looking forward to future golf lessons.”

“Just a brief note to compliment you on your excellent golf school that I attended. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am looking forward to future golf lessons.” – Edward P. Siegel, Warwick, RI


“I wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoyed my recent golf school lessons at your golf schools. The professional was a terrific teacher especially for a beginner like myself. I played in a league playoff and had my best score yet! The principle inquiry in the clubhouse after returning home was, “Where did you go to school?”
Daina Kojelis, Villa Park, IL


“Last month I attended your golf vacation school, and it was the most rewarding golf lessons I have ever had. The golf professional enabled me, for the first time, to understand the golf swing. I would recommend the golf schools to my friends who need help with their golf games.”
William Morgan, Detroit, MI


“My wife and I were students at your golf vacation school in Las Vegas, Nevada. We just wanted to drop a short note to you stating how much we enjoyed america’s favorite golf schools. Both of us felt that the golf school helped us immensely. I would recommend the golf vacation school highly to anyone who wishes to improve their game.” – Christopher A. Bonnet, MD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


“I want to extend my appreciation to America’s Favorite Golf Schools for the excellent instruction that I received from the professional. The golf vacation lessons were superb, and I wish I had been able to have this type of instruction when I first started playing several years ago. I’m certainly not cured yet, but I can gladly say that I’m on the road to recovery. – Mark Killion, Paris, Illinois


“I wanted to take this opportunity to describe my golf vacation at my three-day golf school in Texas. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I had some goals in mind. They were to learn and really understand the fundamentals of the golf swing, learn course management, practice, and get three great days of golf. My expectations were enormously exceeded. My experience was one of the best three days I have ever spent! All in all, it was a great experience and I intend to attend a golf vacation school again next year.” – Paul Webb, Solon, OH



“I spent a week with Fred Featherstone as my instructor. I’d like to provide some feedback on my week at america’s favorite golf schools! It was great! I really learned a lot through the golf lessons from Fred. He is a wonderful gentleman and a real pro. Fred quickly identified what I needed to work on and did not waste time on things he thought I did well. Examples were: my grip (it was fine), my putting routine (it was pretty good), Fred spent time with me on areas that needed improvement: Chipping and pitching, straightening out the golf swing to cutdown on the slice and keeping the ball in play, sand shots, shots within 75 yards and long irons. He really helped my game and confidence. I am again really excited about the game of golf! While I was in Florida on my golf vacation I played several rounds of golf and shot 6-8 strokes better after working with Fred. I was more consistent as my best score was 84 and my worst was 94. With the information I came back with after the golf vacation I am certain I can consistently shoot in the mid 80′s and maybe once in a while even hit the 70′s. I had a great time with a great instructor. He is a really nice man and really was fun to work with. He is a credit to the game of golf and your school. Suzy said when I signed up that I would like working with Fred, she was right! Please tell Fred I said hello and look forward to seeing him at the golf school again next year! I enjoyed the Serenoa Golf course and facilities.” – Mike Mayers, Sister Bay, WI

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