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What Should a Student Expect to Learn at a Golf School or Golf Academy?

If a brand new golfer attends a golf school or golf academy the most important thing that they can learn is that golf is a game and it should be fun.  Hopefully they will learn to laugh at themselves when things aren’t going so well, they will also learn to observe the personalities of other individuals and how they in turn react to good and bad shots as well. And of course it goes without saying that they will learn the mechanics of the swing which will carry them forward into further improvement and further enjoyment of one of the world’s most popular pastimes.


For an intermediate or advanced player attending a golf school or golf academy, can further reinforce the fundamental basics necessary for good ball striking.  We all learn through repetition so by hearing these fundamentals over and over even  by different teachers is a huge key to improvement. Enjoying the game, the surroundings and camaraderie it offers and learning to accept it’s challenges and pitfalls is not limited only to those new at the game.  Even better players can be reminded that golf is not cancer research!  The learning process is there to enjoy and understanding this fact is truly the key to getting better at the game.

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