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By Bob Wyatt, USGTF National Coordinator

There is no doubt as to the importance of keeping kids involved in the  game of golf! The reason is obvious and very simple: This will determine  the future of the game. If golf were to lose its junior base, the game would eventually become a thing of the past.

Having said that, allow me to address the subject of when a child should  start the game: Only when he or she is ready. A child could be ready at age 5, or still not be ready at age 15. As parents, we must always consider our youngster’s feelings and be very careful not to confuse motivation with  pushing. I personally know of three junior golf winners who, in their  adult years, want nothing to do with the game because of pressure put on  them by their well-meaning but misguided parents.

Fortunately, due in part by the ever-changing faces on the PGA Tour with  the players getting younger and younger, kids are, for the most part,  already eager to become a part of this great game. Speaking for myself, I  feel the game of golf will continue to enjoy a worldwide growth as long as there are people on this earth.

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