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When Your Golf Game Goes Astray

Have you ever been in a situation when you just can’t hit a thing? Nothing seems to work, and the more you try the worse you get. Well, it might help to know that every golfer on their way to becoming fairly proficient at the game has had stretches like this, as well. So, at least you’re not alone in this regard.


The easiest way to correct the problem is to not get down on yourself, take a bucket of balls, go to a part of the driving range where you can be alone, and think. Start off with a pitching wedge and simply hit a few chip shots.  Go back to basically a putting stroke without even breaking the wrists.  Get the feel of the club making contact with the ball and allowing the ball to get airborne.  Then, take the club back slightly further and allow the wrists to break slightly – in other words, a miniature golf swing. Just spend a half-hour doing this.


Now that your confidence is back, allow the golf swing to become slightly longer.  Next, try the same thing with an 8-iron and then a 6-iron.  By this time, in all probability, you will have worked out the problem.  Perhaps your head was moving in the swing.  Perhaps you were changing levels, or your tempo was off slightly.  In any case, going back to the basics like this is truly the best way to solve your swing problems, because the bottom line is that golf is a singular game and eventually one really has to understand their own golf swing and  make it work. Unfortunately no one can be beside you forever offering advice when every little shot goes astray.  Like leaving home for the first time and finding your way in the world, a golfer has to listen to all the advice given over the years and eventually make things work for themselves.


By Geoff Bryant, USGTF President

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