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Why Tiger Woods Will Dominate The World Golf Stage Again

By James Douris

Will Tiger Woods Get His Game Back?

I recently had the pleasure of playing golf with a friend who competed in the Australian Open last November. He actually had the opportunity to hit balls besides Tiger Woods on the range the day of the practice round – just him and Tiger. Andrew Tshudin, who is one of the top professionals on the lucrative Korean Tour and Australasian Tour, stated that what he witnessed that day was borderline scary. He was so in-awe of the way Tiger Woods struck the ball that he was convinced, without a doubt that “The Tiger” was back.

Why Tiger Woods is Not Finished

After all the criticisms Tiger Woods and his coach Sean Foley had received over the past 12 months, and with the rumors flying that Tiger had “lost his edge” and “was finished,” it was all answered by a stellar third placing in the coveted Australian Open, where he was the only player in the field to reach #18 with an iron. He backed that up with a smashing of Aaron Baddeley the following week at the Presidents Cup, where Tiger did not miss one putt under 20 feet in 18 holes. He was heavily involved in the United States’ impressive victory over the star-studded International team, and followed that effort by winning his own tournament the following week in California in dramatic vintage Tiger Woods fashion.

So, if you think Tiger Woods is finished – think again. I am predicting we may not have seen the best of Tiger Woods yet. I think the greatest lesson here is that people need to stop being so critical and judgmental of our peers. This goes the same for golfers or teachers who teach different methodologies. Everyone is out there doing their best. The coach is not trying to screw a player up; he is trying his hardest to make his student the best possible golfer he/she can be. The golfing world would be a boring place if we were to all swing, teach, and dress the same. Therefore, do not dismiss or criticize a certain swing or teaching method, but appreciate the diversity of thoughts and ideas that are possible in this great game. In short Tiger Woods will dominate again.

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