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Wild Golf Course Construction Planned

Crab shaped sandtrap on the Cedars Golf Course

Golf Course Creativity

The Apple Tree Golf Resort in Yakima, WA

Apple Shaped Island Hole

It seems like everything is apple themed in Yakima even a golf course. The Apple Tree Course set in a former apple orchard not surprisingly. The course was designed by John Steidel, the par-3 17th has an island shaped like a green apple with a sand trap for a “leaf” and a bridge for the “stem”. It has also been named “Best Par Three” by Seattle Times, and “One of Washington’s Top 18 Holes”.


Shark Shaped Golf Course In Australia

A artist’s pre-rendering of the shark-shaped course planned for construction in Port Lincoln, South Australia, which is known for its abundance of sharks.

While new golf construction has slowed in much of the world, there is apparently quite a bit of demand for wild and wacky designs.

Wild Golf School Vacation

In Port Lincoln, South Australia, for example, there are plans to build a golf course shaped like a great white shark.

Not just a hole…the entire course.

The waters off Port Lincoln, near Adelaide, are known for their abundance of great white sharks (some Jaws scenes were filmed there) and even some deadly shark attacks.

According to the developer, Dean Lukin, Jr., the shark-shaped golf course, “should help draw a lot of international visitors to Port Lincoln.”

Sure, because being eaten alive is exactly what tourists want to do on vacation.

“Here’s me at the hotel; here’s me getting my leg chewed off…”

If a fish-shaped course isn’t bizarre enough for you, try this one:

The Dutch Docklands company has been tasked to build a floating golf course — a full service resort, actually — amongst the Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives.

 Maldives Island Floating Green Friendly Golf Course

Floating Golf Course
Maldives Island Floating Golf Course
What’s more bizarre than a floating course? The reason for building it: the Maldives government wants to raise tourism dollars to secure dry land in case of flooding.

The holes will sit atop a series of floating platforms, and golfers will move around the course via underwater tunnels.

Sounds far fetched, but none other than Troon golf is reportedly consulting on the project.

Crab Shaped Sandtrap at the Cedars

Crab shaped sandtrap on the Cedars Golf Course

Interesting crab shaped sandtrap on the Cedars Course

What other wild ideas have you’ve heard of for golf courses?

Please share your comments or read what others are saying below.

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